Arm through Cuff BP Monitor [SKU: ACBPMo]



1. Automatically calculate average of the three most recent results: Display average result when press memory key for the first time

2. mmHg Pa or k unit switchable

3. Stop working , deflate at emergency case

4. 90 memories

5. . English Voice, Rechargeable functions are equipped; Alkaline Batteries Are Available with Addition Fee

6. Who blood pressure level indicator, arrythmia detection

7. One touch to get result

8. Average of the latest 3 measurements

9. Irregular heartbest detection

 Three colors back light on LCD  White back light display when power on
 Green back light display when measured result is normal
 Red back light display when measured result is abnormal
 Size (monitor)  256mm(L)*196mm(W)*206mm(H)