Laboratory Goggles

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  • Anti Fog: protective safety glasses are made of clear, highly transparent, wear-resistant PC material. Transparent lenses with anti-fog coating technology can protect the eyes of adults and maintain a clear field of vision from the external environment.
  • Fully Adjustable Comfort Strap: Strap belt suitable for all head sizes, designed for tight and comfortable wearing! Comprehensive anti-fog splashing to prevent any invasion of tiny substances.
  • Comfortable & Sealed & Dustproof: 360° fully sealed design laboratory goggles. The sealing edge is made of high-quality TPV material, which fits the face very well and the soft texture provides you with a comfortable wearing feeling.
  • OTG (Over-the-Glass): design fits comfortably over prescription eyewear; protects against impacts, dust, airborne particles and chemical splashes.