Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Massage [SKU: ABPMMas]



  • Medical accuracy:

    US FDA approved and CE certificated

  • Smart blood pressure monitoring for multi-users:

    SYS/DYA/Pulse rate measurement;

    Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) / Pulse pressure

  • Data saving and sharing:
    Built-in memory for 50 sets of readings;
    Free IOS/Android APP connected via Bluetooth

  • Phsiotherapy:

    6 massage modes through muscle stimulation

  • Travel-friendly:

    Wireless integrated machine-cuff design;

    Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

  • Smart design:

    Automatic power shut-off function;

    OLED display screen


Easy to Use: With this small-sized smart blood pressure monitor whose wide-range automatic cuff fits standard to large adults, you just need one-button operation and then check your data (systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate) in 30 seconds. Approved by the FDA, the readings are truly precise and consistent.

Easy to Read: Real-time blood pressure data of multi-users displayed on its OLED screen can also be synchronized to iOS or Android mobile APP via Bluetooth to be stored, reviewed and shared. You can get your real-time stats and history trend graphs of blood pressure at your finger tips.


6 Massage Modes

Each muscle stimulation program lasts 15 minutes, designed to perform the single action of rub, beat or knead, or the serial actions suitable for shoulder, low back or leg.

Auto Stop & OLED Screen

The stimulation program automatically stops when it reaches 15 minutes. All settings related to massage modes can be seen easily on its OLED display.

0 – 15 Massage Intensity

The muscle stimulation intensity can be set from 0 to 15, from the weakest to the strongest. With the first 10 intensity values, you may feel like the experience of acupuncture. The experience of values 11-15 is similar to the experience of being lightly beaten, just like the fascia grabbing.

High Quality Electrode Pads

This blood pressure monitor has high quality electrode pads made with industry-leading quality gel. These 2 adhesive gel pads that can easily be placed on hands, wrist, shoulders, back, calves, knees and all other body parts for instant pain relief. Pads are reusable, more than 10 times with proper use.


2-in-1 Healthcare Monitor

  • small insize
  • light in weight
  • rechargeable battery with long life
  • easy to carry