Pulsewave BP Monitor for Hospital [SKU: PBPMHo]


Global innovative Unique Dual- airbags/tubes/sensors PulseWave technology, represents the real state of blood flow, to ensure outstanding high accuracy.

. Reliable .±2mmHg high accuracy,automatically calculate test result via Mathematical and physical methods. Avoid the measurement error caused by human intervention.

. Human voice reminder during the whole measurement process to help users follow the correct instructions and get the accurate results.

. Memory storage up to 100 sets of result,’MEM’ button helps users search for measurement results.

. Antibacterial design.Removable cuff cloth design realized anti-bacterial/ comfortable/ healthy measurement upon cleaning/replacing.

. Support various arm circumstance between 17 ~42cm.

. Humanized . Unique elbow button to adjust arm position, the cuff can be rotated at

Horizontal 10°to have more comfortable measurement.

. Convenient. Both hands can be measured independently. Print timely and clearly.

. Support data communication with PC/ HIS (Hospital Information System) via USB/ RS-232 port.