Surgical Supplies H059516247af64804a81b4fcbbc60e06eJ Electric Breast Pump

Electric Breast Pump [SKU: ESBP0001]

Basic information:
Silicone,Polypropylene, BPA free
Accessories For Breast Pumps
1 x Breastfeeding Bottles1 x Nipple with Lid
1 x Users Manual
1 x USB Cable

Anti-Backflow Design:Electric Breast Pump is made from BPA free & 100% food-grade high-quality silicone material. Anti-backflow design keeps breast milk from backing up into the motor or tubing, at the same time extend the life of breast pump.

High Efficient:Perfect breast suction design saving time for Mum. The milk pump has 2 pumping modes (Massage, Suction) and 9 suction levels and allows a painless pumping and gives new mothers more choice and comfort.


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  • 100% Safe Material
All breast pump parts are made of food grade silicone, PP ( BPA Free) and without harmful substances. More reliable and safer, you
can breastfeed your babies with no worry.
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  • Easy to Clean
Each part of this breast pump can be take-apart for thoroughly cleaning by hot water or dishwasher top rack. Don’t worry about the
bacteria hidden in the corner of the pum
p.Surgical Supplies H5ab40d5cad424e02b199422de55f14c1Z Electric Breast Pump
  • Skin-soft Silicone Nipples
The skin-soft BPA-free silicone nipples feel like mom’s skin during breastfeeding and fit perfectly into baby’s mouth, which makes
the switch between bottle and breast especially easy.

Surgical Supplies H5eafa23add69471e96bc50d9c73b4333R Electric Breast Pump