Vein Finder System Portable

Vein Finder System Portable [SKU: VFSPor]



The Pocket Handheld Vein Finder System is our newest hand held product designed for comfort. With our patented infrared light, the veins are visualized crisply with clear contrast to the surrounding skin. The infrared light is completely safe so patients and clinicians can rest assured. The device can switch between blue/white light and red/green light with a simple click. Brightness can be adjusted

Optics: Infrared light
Dimensions: 7.5 inches x 1.4 inches x 1.4 inches
Weight: 0.2 lbs

Special Features – Critical and Emergency Situations

The Pocket Handheld Vein Finder System is the vein finder of choice for emergencies and critical care situations. It is highly portable and rugged in design. In these critical situations, time is of the essence. The Pocket Handheld Vein Finder System device is capable of high performance in the most challenging of settings.

  • Patients in critical or intensive care units may not be able to move for procedures
  • Works for low or dim light settings
  • Portability and small size enables use with patients that are immobile due to a natural disaster, car accident or other emergency situations
  • Ideal for patients who are hypovolemic from dehydration or blood loss