UNIBOND Braided Polyester Suture

UNIBOND Braided Polyester Suture [SKU: N/A]



Braided Polyester Suture (UNIBOND) polyester suture is a non absorbable, braided, sterile, surgical suture composed of Poly (ethylene terephthalate). It is prepared from fibers of high molecular weight, long-chain, linear polyesters having recurrent aromatic rings as an integral component. (UNIBOND) Braided Polyester Suture are braided for optimal handling properties, and for good visibility in the surgical field, are dyed green.

(Braided Polyester Suture) UNIBOND suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in cardiovascular, ophthalmic and neurological procedures.

Technical Specifications

Braided Polyester Suture Characteristics Non Absorbable Surgical Suture
Braided Polyester Suture Type Braided
Braided Polyester Suture Material Polyester
Braided Polyester Suture Color Green / white
Braided Polyester Suture Absorption Non absorbable
Braided Polyester Suture USP Range 5/0 – 5
Braided Polyester Suture Sterilization EO (Ethylene Oxide)
Braided Polyester Suture Characteristics Excellent tensile strength, Excellent knot tying, Minimum tissue reaction
Braided Polyester Suture Packaging In food grade folder packed in a medical grade pouch, with or without needle
Braided Polyester Suture Needle Type Round bodied, cutting edge, taper point, straight, blunt point

Available Products

SKU Suture Needle EXGST Price
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Size Length
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Description Length
in mm
6E90DKDA17Green 2-0901/2 Circle T C DA1724.53
6E90DKDA172White 2-0901/2 Circle T C DA1724.53
6F90DZDA25Green 3-0901/2 Circle R B DA2523.63
6F75DZ25Green 3-0751/2 Circle R B2519.13
6G75DKDA17Green 4-0751/2 Circle T C DA1723.03
6F75DKDA17Green 3-0751/2 Circle T C DA1723.03
6E75DKDA17Green 2-0751/2 Circle T C DA1723.03
6E75DKDA172White 2-0751/2 Circle T C DA1723.03
6G45AYDA53Green 4-045Straight Cutting DA5320.03
6B100DK45Green 21001/2 Circle T C Heavy4522.13
63100DZ55Green 51001/2 Circle Tr P Heavy5522.13
6F75DZDA25Green 3-0751/2 Circle R B DA2522.73
6F90DKDA17Green 3-0901/2 Circle T C DA1724.53
6G75CZ16Green 4-0753/8 Circle R B1623.03
6E75DKDA25Green 2-0751/2 Circle T C DA2523.03
6E75DKDA252White 2-0751/2 Circle T C DA2523.03
6D100DX50Green 01001/2 Circle R C5022.13
6C100DX50Green 11001/2 Circle R C5022.13
6E90DKDA25Green 2-0901/2 Circle T C DA2524.53
6E90DK25White 2-0901/2 Circle 7 C DA2524.53
6H75CZDA12Green 5-0753/8 Circle R B DA1223.03
6G90CZDA12Green 4-0903/8 Circle R B DA1224.53
6G90DKDA17Green 4-0901/2 Circle T C DA1724.53
6H75CZDA20Green 5-0753/8 Circle R B DA2023.03
6E75DKDA26White 2-0751/2 Circle T C DA2623.03