Oxyfit Wearable Oxygen Monitor [SKU: OWOMon]


Oxyfit Soft Fingertip Oximeter features a unique duckbill probe that has a soft chamber so you can put it on your finger to check your SpO2 and PR in a greatly comfortable and precise way. Unlike traditional handheld pulse oximeters, Oxyfit doesn’t have an annoying cable you may get tangled with. Also different than fingertip oximeters often seen in the market that have to clip onto your finger to measure, the sensor of Oxyfit applies little pressure on your fingertip and is so much softer.

Continuous Monitoring to Look into Your Health

The gadget is designed for not only spot-checking but also continuous monitoring of SpO2 and PR. 4 sets of 1-hour long data can be saved in the built-in memory of Oxyfit™ for better tracking and understanding your health conditions.

Sound Alarm System You Can Truely Rely on

You never need to worry about your blood oxygen falling to a dangerous level without even knowing it. The device can give sound alarms if blood oxygen saturation or pulse rate readings go outside of the limits set by the user.

Free App to Reveal Valuable Info

When monitoring your SpO2 and PR with Oxyfit™, real-time  data can be wirelessly transmitted to the free app installed on iOS or Android mobile devices via Bluetooth where you can save and graphically review the measurement history.