HugeMed VL3D Single-use Video Laryngoscope

Video Laryngoscope – Disposable (VL3D) [SKU: VLDis]


Clinical Advantage

  • It is easy to clear the glottis and reduce the damage to the laryngeal tissue during operation.
  • Unique anti fog function, without preheating, and save time for emergency intubation operation.
  • Highlight three LED light source lighting, more clear vision.
  • High-capacity battery 3200mAh; full use of electricity, sustainable use for more than 200 minutes.
  • A wide range of models to choose from (children’s models, adult models, difficult models)

*This product is INDENT ONLY and takes 10 to 15 Working days for delivery

Product Features

  • 3.5 inches full view LCD high-definition display; screen can rotate around 90 degrees backlight LED; screen resolution 640*480.
  • 2 million high-definition anti fog camera, FOV 66 degrees, no dead angle. Illuminance 800LUX.
  • Handle for ergonomic design, feel comfortable, antibacterial, light.
  • The battery is a high quality lithium-ion rechargeable battery, full of electricity, sustainable work for more than 200 minutes, battery life is 3-4 years, charging time is 8 hours.
  • A key quick camera; continuous camera; data can be output storage; can be connected to the display.
  • The lenses for high-definition polymers, medical PC material.

Technical Parameter

Display LCD3.5 “, resolution 640*480, video aspect ratio 4:3
Camera 2 million pixels, a view angle of 66 degrees, the illumination is more than 800LUX
Battery capacity 3200mAh, voltage 3.7V, continuous working time is more than 200Min
Power supply MicroUSB charging interface, charger input 100-250V/50HZ, charger output 5V/1000mA
Storage environment +45 temperature -10 degrees, humidity is less than 93%, the atmospheric pressure 500hPa/1060hPa
Working environment the temperature is 5 degrees /+40, the humidity is 30%–85%, and the atmospheric pressure is 700hPa/1060hPa
Weight less than 350g
Anti fog function without preheating, turn on the machine to prevent fog
Camera shooting one key quick photo, continuous shooting.
Handle comfortable, short handle design.