Biocare Digital Electrocardiograph Advance Features

Biocare iE12A Digital Electrocardiograph [SKU: N/A]



  • Weighs: About 3.4kg
  • Display: 9-inch TFT-LCD
  • 12 Channel ECG Sheet: View and print in 12 channels
  • Authorized Accuracy: FDA & CE approved
  • 9-Inch Touch Screen: High-resolution color touchscreen with handwriting
  • Adults & Pediatrics: Support ECG tests for both adults & children
  • Auto-analysed Result: 12-lead ECG with interpretation for advisory diagnosis
  • VCG Acquisition: Provide advanced analysis of Vector cardiography
  • Compact & Portable: Built-in handle, easy to carry
  • Multiple file options: Multiple ports and formats for ECG data transmission

The Biocare iE12A Digital Electrocardiograph is a 12-Channel 12-Lead ECG Machine. Its user-friendly design ensures easy operation and freedom of built-in ECG parameters measurement and interpretation.

9-inch TFT-LCD display

Advanced Features Make an Intelligent ECG Machine

  • 3 Ways of file storage: Local memory, SD card, USB flash disk
  • Massive local storage for more than 3500 files
  • Multiple peripheral ports for data transmission: USB, LAN, SD card slot
  • Multiple ECG file formats: XML, DICOM, JPEG, PDF and more
  • 2 Ways of power source: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for up to 3 hours of continuous work and AC power.

Digital Electrocardiograph Channel