Hand Sanitizer Refill Pack

Hand Sanitizer 5 litre – Refill Pack [SKU: HSan5RPa]


5 Litre Antiseptic Hand Gel (waterless) (NZFSA C52 Approved) For sanitising hands in any work environment. Powerful Alcohol-based hand sanitiser that evaporates leaving hands dry, sanitised and feeling great without the need for a towel or air dryer. It can be used once hands are washed or between washes on a regular basis to maintain sanitised conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Alcohol-Based Formula
  • Natural Moisturisers
  • Powerful Sanitiser
  • Quick Evaporation Time
  • Kills 99.99% Of All Known Microbes
  • Contains No Harmful Dyes
  • Completely Biodegradable