Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer [SKU: N/A]

Spray tank capacity
Spray volume
Spray particle diameter
35 / 60 / 80 um
Static wind sprayer distance
Working voltage
DC 12V
Rated Power
Working pressure
Battery capacity
Battery life each charge
≥90 min
The working area for once tank capacity
The working time for once tank capacity
5-6 min
The working area for once battery charging

The hand-held electrostatic sprayer gun is widely used in fields such as epidemic prevention, disinfection, dust removal, and cooling. it has the characteristics of strong adsorption, accurate orientation, and long range; through its own patented electrostatic structure design, the spraying surface area of the object is about 30% higher than the traditional one.


Product features of electrostatic sprayer gun:

1. It is easy to operate and can be used with various disinfectants. Multi scene disinfection is more comprehensive and healthy
2. electrostatic sprayer gun with spray distance, fine particles, no water drops.
3. It is equipped with high-performance dual battery, which can be replaced.
4. Our electrostatic sprayer gun with three in one sprinkler, three spray shapes, different disinfection scenarios.