Check BP Blood Pressure Monitor with Oximeter [SKU: CBBPMOxi]

  • A smart all-in-one health monitor that can measure blood pressure (systolic pressure & diastolic pressure), blood oxygen levels, pulse rate & PI accurately & comfortably at the same time.
  • Small in size, light in weight, easy to use & carry around.
  • Real-time data able to be effectively sent to app installed on mobile devices via Bluetooth.
  • Automatic periodic measurement of blood pressure ( every 5/10/30mins) set on app.
  • Warnings prompted if irregular readings are detected.
  • One-button operation, automatic power off & bright LCD screen.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

Checkme BP – Blood Pressure Monitor with Oximeter

A dependable home use BP monitor is a crucial tool for health management and Wellue® digital non-invasive blood pressure monitor with oximeter can exactly do the job. You can use it to easily and comfortably check your blood pressure (systolic and diastolic pressure), the readings are truly precise and consistent.

The versatile NIBP monitor is also designed to gauge blood oxygen levels, pulse rate and perfusion index with an ultra-convenient and comfortable external SpO2 sensor which ensures accurate readouts. So you’ll get a much better picture of your cardiovascular health.

Innovative Integrated Design

This upper arm NIBP combo has a trendy integrated design to put the cuff and the measuring unit into one handy piece so it’s small in size, light in weight, easy to use and has unsurpassed reliability. After pressing the sole button on the gadget you can relaxingly wait for the results and it’ll show warnings if irregular readings detected.You can connect the device wirelessly to free mobile app via Bluetooth which allows you to read real-time and history stats on mobile devices (history data can only be stored on app).


Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring of blood pressure is vital for some users. Wearers or caregivers can set automatic measurement of blood pressure ( every 5/10/30mins) on mobile app so the device can check users’ blood pressure at accurate intervals. In this way, cross infection may be efficiently avoided as well since wearers’ data can be read by caregivers from a safe distance away with mobile devices via Bluetooth.