BabyO2 Oxygen Monitor [SKU: BO2OMo]

Wearable Baby Oxygen Monito

Track Your Baby’s Oxygen Day and Night

Monitor Baby’s Blood Oxygen Levels with Audio Reminder in App and Device
Uniquely Tailored to Baby, from Newborn to Toddler

Every breath of your baby matters. He/she deserves plenty of oxygen as well as love. BabyO2 is meticulous about your little ones as you are.

1> Special-designed way of wearing on baby’s foot, safe and comfortable. Open weave fabric allows for airflow.

2> Two sizes of soft wraps for different age stages, with velcro to secure precisely.3>Alarm on device and mobile APP can be turned on/off separately; alarm volume & threshold is adjustable to fit you best.

All You Concern at a Glance
Have a Good Sleep

Share a room, but not a bed because your pillows, blankets, and other unsafe stuff could be dangerous for your fragile baby, you may crush your baby when you are rolling over, and baby may fall off the bed, etc.

Our free mobile APP tracks your baby’s oxygen level, heart rate and movement every moment. Even when you turn your smartphone off,the independent built-in alarm in device will remind you for low oxygen level.
Wearable But Soft 

Wear BabyO2™ for your baby, put him/her in the crib or co-sleeper, connect the APP via Bluetooth.

Know your baby is OK all the time, even when you are out of reach.

You and your baby will both rest easy.

Why Do You Need A Baby Oxygen Monitor?