Multi-Parameter Portable Patient Monitors [SKU: MPPPMo]


Basic Facts About ECG/EKG Monitor That You Don’t Know 


Check Me Lite is a multipurpose portable monitor, a EKG monitor with Oximeter, easy to carry, simple to operate.

The gadget is able to check, visualize, and store some of the key vital signs of your body. One of the notable features it offers is the very convenient ‘Daily Check’ which can give a quick and reliable measurement of SpO2, PR, PI and EKG all together in 20 seconds.


Checking SpO2 without External SpO2 Sensor

This device is ideal for use on a regular basis. By inserting a finger into the gap between the SpO2 sensor and its cover, you will know it straight away if your blood oxygen levels go below the normal range.

Checking SpO2 with External SpO2 Sensor

With external SpO2 sensor that is comfortable to wear for hours, the oximeter can provide precise readings of blood oxygen levels non-stop so you can be alerted before wearer’s SPO2 reaching a dangerous level.

EKG Measurement without EKG Cables and Pads

By simply using your hands to hold it, the monitor can show you accurate EKG readings within 30 seconds, saving your time, giving you convenience and flexibility.

EKG Measurement with EKG Cables and Pads

With external cables and pads, the portable device can display noise-free and higher quality EKG waveforms.

Diagnosis of Symptoms and Signs: 


Heart Pause

Atrial Fibricular (AF)

Tachycardia and Bradycardia