Mini Smartphone Infrared Thermometer Two Types (iPhone / Android) [SKU: MSITipan]


Portable, convenient smartphone thermometer no charging needed, led display, instant reading, available for both iPhone and Android Smartphone models.


Portable Thermometer: The weight of the product is about 12.5g, the body is light and thin, it is convenient and easy to carry, and it can easily complete the measurement in 1 second.

°C/°F can be converted with one click, and the thermometer can be used for different reading habits.

Safety & Health: non-contact design, only need to align the forehead, 1-8 cm away from the skin, without touching the skin, sharing with multiple people is safer and more hygienic.

It is equipped with a pyroelectric sensor, which can be connected to a mobile phone, can measure quickly in one second, the LCD screen clearly displays the degree, and it is an accurate thermometer.