Portable Mesh Nebulizer [SKU: PMNeb]

Designed with Patients in Mind
Developed by advanced technology, our Portable Mesh Nebulizer can change liquid medication into well breathable mist made up of droplets as fine as 5 µm or below. So a user can comfortably inhale the aerosol mist that can be adsorbed by the mucous membrane tissues of  mouth, throat, trachea, bronchi, alveoli or lungs much better, making medical treatment more effective.
Ideal for All Ages
Patients on treatments for respiratory diseases like adults with COPD or children with asthma can all enjoy a better daily life
with Wellue Portable Mesh Nebulizer which provides much more portability, outstanding efficiency and great quality of
Advanced Nebulization Technology
When treating different types of disease of respiratory system, the mesh nebulizer is able to make variable nebulization rates
between 0.15ml/min to 0.90ml/min. The device is also designed to have two different working modes, micro-wave mode which delivers
auto-changing amounts of nebulized medicine and uniform-nebulization mode which lets users manually control the nebulization rate.
– Adjustable nebulization rate to improve the absorption
– Small and uniform particles (<5um)
– Power-on automatic cleaning technology
– Detachable medication cup for easy cleaning and maintenance
– Silent operation, more comfortable to use
– Automatic power-off after 10 minutes of use