SleepU Sleep Oxygen Monitor [SKU: SSOMon]


Start working   1)Wear the sensor on thumb finger, index finger as option in case of too tight for thumb. Try to move the sensor along the forefinger to find out a best fit. Avoid being loose. Loose wearing causes inaccurate measure. 2)Device will turn on automatically. After a few seconds, the device will begin to monitor.

Download App   App name: ViHealth  Notice: if you have installed the App before, please update it to the latest version.

PC software    PC Software: O2 Insight.  Install the software on Windows(win 7/8/10) or MacOS(10.13 or above).  With the optional PC software, you can view and print sleep report, which can also be exported as PDF or CSV files.


Weight: 31g (main unit with band and sensor)     Size : 49×27×14 mm (main unit)

Battery: 3.7Vdc, Rechargeable Lithium-polymer

Charge time: 2-3 hours     Battery life: 16 hours for typical use

O2 level range: 70% to 99%    O2 Accuracy (Arms): 80-99%:±2%, 70-79%:±3%

Pulse Rate range: 30 to 250 bpm    Pulse Rate accuracy: ±2 bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater

Vibration: Triggered by low O2 level

Recorded parameters: O2 level, Pulse Rate, motion

Data storage: 4 sessions, up to 10 hours for each

  • Specially desingned for sleep O2:Continuously records your 02 level, heart rate,the number of times O2 level drops by more than 4%, overnight trends of 02 level and body motion in every 4 seconds.
  • Smart Vibration & Audio Alarm: The adjustable vibration alert and the audio reminder stirs you to wake gently if O2 saturation falls below your defined level.
  • FREE APP and PC REPORT in CSV/PDF: Data can be transferred to smart phone and PC software for more detailed information. You can manage all historical data and check the real-time data.It supports sharing JPG or CSV reports with others.
  • Patented Comfort Sensor: Patented comfort soft silicon Ring Sensor perfectly matches your finger, never slips from your finger during sleep easily. Detachable for cleaning and replaceable probes.
  • Easy To use: The device runs automatically when you wear it. It can be used for 16 hours after fully charged.
  • Note: This device is for Sports and Aviation use only and not intended for medical use

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