Fetal Doppler Monitor [SKU: FDMon]

Have concerns about your unborn babies?
Our Fetal Doppler can help expectant parents allay fears during the exciting pregnancy.
Detects and records the fetal heart rate (FHR), displays in digit/waveform via device and APP.
Fetal heart monitor (FHM) is always there dedicating to care about the wellness of you and your little ones.
Fetal Doppler Monitoris high performance fetal heart rate detector which satisfies the requirement of hospital,clinic,community and home FHR examination.
Intelligent noise reduction technology dramatically minimizes the interference thus delivers high-quality fetal heartbeat sounds.

With the extra-large probe faceplate, the device receives clear fetus signals with high sensitivity. It is easier to determine the FHR examing position.

Listen to the lovely beats in your belly!

Our Fetal Doppler consists of ultrasonic signal emitter and receiver, computer process unit, LCD display, speaker, keystroke and power supply.
Track the Rhythm of Heart
When you are expecting a baby, the mobile APP records every priceless milestone from the 12th week till the due date.
All the historical data including baby’s heartbeat rate, heartbeat sounds, baby kicks, and even your notes, are stored for
continually pregnancy track.