Oxylink Wearable Pulse Oximeter [SKU: OWPOxi]


Tracking Your O2 Every Second

Oxylink will automatically monitor your O2 Level, heart rate and body movements continuously.


Better Sleep and Healthier Life

Tell you when your O2 Level is lower, or HR is higher/lower than the threshold you preset.

Turn on/off them, adjust the threshold and intensity separately to fit you best.

Save history data to your phone unlimitedly at no additional cost.

Detailed analysis and trends of your overnight O2 levels, heart rate and body movements.

Zoom in/out chart to view exact info in 1 min interval.

Share unlimited reports directly.

Integration with Apple Health.

hours for each.

Notice: The built-in memory can store 4 sessions. The oldest will be overwritten by the 5th. Please sync data to your phone in time.


  • FREE APP FOR iOS AND ANDROID: Unlimited storage in App Vihealth, viewing real-time blood O2 & heart rate in App Dashboard. Connect the device with APP via Bluetooth.
  • COMFORTABLE SOFT RING SENSOR: The lightest, smallest ring sensor for overnight continuous monitoring, durable and adapt to most fingers.
  • AUDIO REMINDER IN DEVICE: The audio reminder in device will be triggered when the O2 level and heart rate fall below the pre-set threshold, prevent from a low-O2 and heart rate status. You can adjust the volumn, O2and heart rate threshold in APP.
  • AUDIO REMINDER IN APP DASHBOARD: The audio reminder in App Dashboard will be triggered when O2 level and heart rate fall below the pre-set threshold. The reminder works only when your phone stayed in Dashboard and not locked.
  • PROFESSIONAL REPORT: Easily share and check graphic report and trends of blood O2, heart rate and body motion. NOTE: This device is for Sports and Aviation use only and not intended for medical use.